Maine Lobster Sherry Cream Ravioli with Saffron

SKU# 45437

Maine Lobster claw meat blended with a creamy sherry wine reduction; wrapped in par cooked saffron pasta. (Large Round)

Net Weight: 6 lbs
Pack: 2/3 lbs
Count: Approx. 11-12 per lb

Menu Inspirations

  • Edamame pesto, cherry tomatoes, olive oil and crispy basil
  • Lemon-infused seafood brodetto and peppery arugula salad
  • Seafood cioppino with shrimp, scallops, sea bass, mussels and clams
  • Grilled corn chowder, scallion and oven dried tomatoes
  • Grilled lobster tail and Vermont butter fondue