Potato Gnocchi

SKU# 24327

Durum flour and potato dumplings blended with whole eggs and milk (par cooked).

Net Weight: 12 lbs
Pack: 3/4 lbs
Count: Approx. 80-81 per lb

Menu Inspirations

  • Hunter Style Braised Rabbit, crisp prosciutto, slivered asparagus.
  • Meyer lemon olive oil and lightly fried herbs.
  • Pan seared with scallops, yellow peppers and zucchini matchsticks, with basil pesto and Parmesan crisps.
  • Cold water lobster, tiger shrimp and roasted Brussels sprouts served baked in a nutmeg b├ęchamel.
  • Gnocchi mac & cheese with pulled duck confit, cinnamon b├ęchamel, talleggio cheese and salted pistachios.
  • Gnocchi mac & cheese with roasted artichokes, fontina cheese, preserved lemon and parsley with roasted garlic brioche crumbs.
  • Lobster mac & cheese with potato gnocchi, fresh corn, chives, cherry tomatoes, wilted arugula and buttered brioche crust.
  • Spicy beer braised pulled pork with cilantro, Czech pilsner sauce and smoked mozzarella gratin.