Joseph's Pasta



Joseph’s Pasta Company was founded with a pastry bag and a cookie cutter.
This classic technique was very gentle with the fillings and allowed large
particulates to be placed into the ravioli. Since that day, Joseph’s has modified and customized equipment to replicate the same pastry bag/handmade product.

Our highly advanced, 150,000 square foot facility in Haverhill, Massachusetts,
is equipped with the finest Italian ravioli- and pasta-making equipment.
Combined with a custom filling system, our unique process ensures that
large ingredients can be placed into our ravioli. These precision production
lines support the heavy demand for our products with up to 2,500 pounds
of pasta per hour - a capacity of 100,000 pounds of pasta daily!



The heart of our operation is our kitchen, where we start the production process by preparing the raw materials. Our kitchen features stations for roasting, braising, grilling and reducing stocks. The bold flavors of our fillings come from our willingness to roast our own garlic, caramelize our own onions and oven-roast portabella mushrooms. The result is a rough-chopped handmade look with identifiable ingredients.

Like every other aspect of the Joseph’s operation, our production and warehousing facilities are operated with the customer in mind. Perfect products, packed and stored properly and shipped on time is what makes us a leading gourmet pasta company today.