Joseph's Pasta


A History of Success

Joseph’s Gourmet Pasta and Sauces began as an outgrowth of Joseph’s Bakery, a small neighborhood business established by the Faro family in 1979. In the late 1980’s Joseph’s Bakery produced a limited line of pasta products which were sold from the bakery storefront and to local supermarkets.

In 1991, after finishing his undergraduate studies at the University of New Hampshire, the Faros’ only son, Joe, had a vision to grow the pasta-making concept into something more.


Creating a separate and distinct entity, Joe wanted to develop a line of upscale pasta and sauces that would appeal to a sophisticated and quality conscious clientele. He wanted to take a product that was previously considered a mundane, low priced side dish and turn it into a true center-of- the-plate concept.

To make his vision a reality, Joe worked with chefs to understand what they did in their own kitchens. Gaining the confidence of a number of local chefs, these culinary artists shared with Joe the labor-intensive process of preparing ravioli from scratch in the kitchen.

Soon, Joe began to hear one comment repeatedly: “If you could make a hand made product like this, we would buy it!”


Duplicating the restaurant process of roasting, braising and using rich reductions to create delicate and flavorful filling combinations, Joe made gourmet ravioli by hand and delivered them by station wagon to the new accounts. Each ravioli was made with fresh ingredients, and always rough chopped, so that each ingredient in the filling was identifiable from a flavor, texture and visual standpoint. The pasta, as well, needed to emulate that of an artisan process with a silky thin texture and a golden amber color, not unlike what one would see throughout the Italian countryside.

The products quickly became very popular and Joe and his small crew of pasta makers struggled to keep up with demand. The need to automate this laborious process was evident. Joe went beyond the usual sources and searched the world for the right equipment to replicate the handmade process. Joe successfully developed a production process that didn’t compromise quality. “Modify the process, not the product,” was the mantra in Joe’s quest to duplicate his handmade creations.

The concept and passion that defined the original handmade products still continues today. The core values of unsurpassed quality, chef- designed products and culinary-oriented service have made Joseph’s Gourmet Pasta & Sauces a leading frozen pasta company.